Rivemont Crypto Fund


Rivemont Crypto Fund

The Rivemont Crypto Fund, to be launched soon and aimed at Canadian qualified investors, will invest in the emerging and highly volatile cryptocurrency market. The cryptocurrencies have enabled investors to achieve exceptional returns since their inception in 2010. The fund’s objective is to take advantage of the development of blockchain technology by identifying the most promising cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies are analyzed using a fundamental approach coupled with the application of trend following rules at the time of purchase and sale.

The Rivemont Crypto Fund is aimed at investors with a good risk tolerance in search of a high return. The fund is also ideal for any investor wishing to diversify their portfolio with an asset having a low correlation with traditional asset classes.


What is a Cryptocurrency?

While the answer to this question could fill a book, the short answer is that it is a purely electronic currency not created or regulated by any central authority. Basically, a cryptocurrency is a ledger containing all the transactions ever made using the coin. Instead of being held exclusively by a central authority such as a bank, the ledger, known as a “blockchain,” is distributed among all the actors in the network. It is fully public, immutable and protected by air-tight security.

In addition to decentralizing monetary exchanges, cryptocurrencies are much faster and more affordable than use of the traditional banking system.


Advantages of Investing in Cryptocurrencies

While past performance is no guarantee of future results, the main advantage of investing in cryptocurrencies is that the potential returns far exceed those offered by more traditional funds. Cryptocurrencies are a standalone asset type with no correlation to other asset classes.

While cryptocurrencies have yielded dazzling returns since their creation, their market cap barely exceeds $150 billion. There is every reason to believe that the industry’s heyday is yet to come. The Rivemont Crypto Fund aims to capitalize on this current market opportunity in order to maximize returns for investors.


Past Performance – The Bitcoin Example

Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency and certainly still the best known. How has it done since its introduction in 2010? Let’s say you bought $100 worth of Bitcoins on January 1, 2011 and held on to them. How much would they be worth today? $500? $10,000? $100,000?

The answer is staggering: $100 invested in 2011 would be worth more than $1.2 million today! And there is no end to the rise in sight. Here is how your investment of 100$ would have been at the end of each year to today :

  • 2011 : 1 573 $
  • 2012 : 4 503 $
  • 2013 : 252 497 $
  • 2014 : 106 565 $
  • 2015 : 137 835 $
  • 2016 : 212 738 $


So far, 2017 has been another year of stunning performance. The Bitcoin has set record after record and is now worth much more than an ounce of gold. Your initial investment would have soared to nearly $1.2 million.



The Rivemont Crypto Fund Philosophy

Investing in the Rivemont Crypto Fund doesn’t mean buying Bitcoins and hoping for the best. On the contrary, the Fund’s objective is to identify opportunities at an early stage in the existence of the many new currencies that are springing up in order to unlock the immense potential for returns. While the Bitcoin remains the granddaddy of them all, hundreds of altcoins are now in use. Some were designed to address specific issues unrelated to the purpose of Bitcoins. Others are based on different and in some cases improved technology.

The Rivemont Crypto Fund seeks to identify the best investment opportunities based on fundamentals, targeting cryptocurrencies supported by reputable organizations that provide solutions to real problems in various industries, since blockchain technology has the potential to revolutionize many sectors aside from banking.

The Rivemont Crypto Fund then applies its proven trend monitoring technique to minimize risk while taking full advantage of identified uptrends.