Rivemont Crypto Fund


Rivemont Crypto Fund

The Rivemont Crypto Fund, launched on December 14th, 2017, is aimed at qualified Canadian investors. It is currently the only actively managed crypto fund in Canada.

Rivemont is registered as a portfolio manager with the Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF), the Ontario Securities Commission (OSC), the Alberta Securities Commission (ASC) and the British Columbia Securities Commission (BCSC).

Cryptocurrencies have enabled investors to achieve exceptional returns since their inception in 2010. The objective of the fund is to take advantage of the high volatility of the cryptocurrency market to maximize investor returns.

The Rivemont Crypto Fund is aimed at investors with a good risk tolerance in search of a high potential return. This Fund is also ideal for any investor wishing to diversify their portfolio with an asset having a low correlation to traditional asset classes. The Fund can be included in registered (RRSP, TFSA) and locked-in accounts (LIRA).


What is a Cryptocurrency?

While the answer to this question could fill a book, the short answer is that it is a purely electronic currency not created or regulated by any central authority. Basically, a cryptocurrency is a ledger containing all the transactions ever made using the coin. Instead of being held exclusively by a central authority such as a bank, the ledger, known as a “blockchain,” is distributed among all the actors in the network. It is fully public, immutable and protected by tight security.

In addition to decentralizing monetary exchanges, cryptocurrencies are much faster and more affordable than the use of the traditional banking system.


Advantages of Investing in Cryptocurrencies

While past performance is no guarantee of future results, the main advantage of investing in the fund is that the potential returns far exceed those offered by more traditional funds.

While cryptocurrencies have yielded amazing returns since their creation, their market cap barely exceeds $130 billion US as of December 28th, 2018. The industry’s heyday is potentially yet to come. The Rivemont Crypto Fund aims to capitalize on this current market opportunity in order to maximize returns for investors.


The history of the Rivemont Crypto Fund

January 2010 Rivemont Investments is founded by Martin Lalonde, MBA, CFA
May 2015 Launch of the Rivemont Absolute Return Fund, the first fund offered by Rivemont.
December 2017 Launch of the Rivemont Crypto Fund.

The Rivemont Crypto Fund is currently the only actively managed Canadian crypto fund.


The Rivemont Crypto Fund Philosophy

The Fund is actively managed and aims to outperform the bitcoin price.

A proven trend following approach that minimizes investor risk without sacrificing returns potential.