The Rivemont Crypto Fund Philosophy

Initially, the fund will invest in Bitcoin futures traded on the CBOE and the CME markets. The next step will be to add Bitcoin and Ethereum directly. The third step, conditional on the prior approval of the authorities, will be the addition of cryptocurrencies in the top 10 in terms of their capitalization of the entire market, such as the Ripple or the Litecoin (target early 2018).

Finally, when the industry will offer institutional and security solutions, our medium-term goal is to include in the fund:

  • Several emerging altcoins with strong fundamental bases (NEO, DASH, OMG, XMR, BAT …).
  • Possibility of investing in ICOs (Initial Coin Offering), a procedure similar to IPOs on the stock market.
  • Investment in tokens, i.e. cryptocurrencies that do not target the financial market.
  • Possibility of arbitrage to take advantage of the spreads between the different brokers used.